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You probably wonder why a bachelor party, will be on the crucifixion forum. Guess you never were at one and you didn't follow my comments on crucified males. That is now your fault, fellows, you know: "Those who do not want to listen, will have to feel!" So you now better listen up to the tale of my poor friend Andy, so here comes the first part:

The bachelor party (Part 1)

Some may wonder, why I am not married. That is easy explained, it is the fear from being the bachelor of the bachelor party. Some, naturally the unmarried females, may think this is a harmless event, where males gather together telling some dirty jokes, drinking to much and probably even get some stripper girls or hookers and have some harmless fun with them. Mainly the groom, to have some reasonable sex, before being forced to have sex with his bride alone. But most males are not aware what happened to them at the bachelor parties in a female dominated society as ours. That was happening to my friend Andy who came to me one day:

“Dfg, old friend, you come to my bachelor party, do you? It will be organised by Willy, as you know I marry Mary next week”, he said with the look of a dog begging for some dog cookies.

“Andy, old sport, I would reconsider that. It is not to late! You know what happen at bachelor party's, and what will happen if Mary doesn't want to marry you?”, I tried to explain.

“Oh my god, Dfg, is there anything you do not fear? You had fear to climb to the mountains, you had to much fear to attend the bungee jumping of our company and you naturally didn't come to the parachuting event! You are really a hen, no wonder you are still single, and what was with our secretary, is she not gorgeous?' was the answer of my former friend.

“I think you are looking for the adjectives fat, ugly or silly considering the secretary”, I tried to improve Andy's vocabulary.

“Where is the danger of drinking to much? Oh no, please do not start your usual lectures of 45 minutes about the drinking habits in the last 2000 years considering the medical and social aspects! Just come this evening at seven, when the party is starting”, Andy said by trying to match the wording of one of my former military superiors. I wondered what happened to that Captain Worski after my military service, last time I heard saying he was in an insane asylum.

“Okay, I come”, I finally agreed, seeing that it will be useless to enlighten my poor friend.


The bachelor party (Part 2)

So I was 5 minutes before 7 p.m. There at the appointed place, seeing Willy and two of my coworkers, already enjoying themselves.

'Hello, Dfg, you old party spoiler, you also come?' asks Willy.

'Yes, invited by Andy, think he knows nothing', I mentioned.

'But you know everything?', asks Paul one of the coworkers.

'Yes, PhD in chemistry, 10 years theoretical physics, math teaching till the bitter end and I write this story!', I explained.

'You are as always, just enjoy the show', means Willy but now he sees Andy coming around the corner, approaches him, hugs him and try to spread good mood.

So we waited 10 minutes doing some chitchat till the group was complete, about 10 males and Andy. First we went to the steak house eating our 300g to 600g steaks and drinking some Barolo, to my suggestion. After 10 p.m. We left the steak house under the guide of Willy who lead us to a dark alley and there we entered a house.

Going to the cellar we found a big room with 15 chairs some tables and a stage. As soon as we were sitting to females came in, with blond short hairs. They were dressed like waitress, but the breast were free and the lower backside was also free to let us look at some fleshy asses. They distributed some drinks, a beer for me, naturally and we were able to see all her attributes. One in front of me seem to unintentionally open the ass cheeks and let me look at her asshole.

'So, we now come to the payment', explains Willy, 'please Margareth come and bend over.'

Margareth was going to the seat of Willy and said as she was ordered opening her ass cheek. Willy put in his ring finger in her asshole, while Margareth was giggling. She really enjoyed it. Now it was our turned to pay Margareth and her colleague for the drink. When it was my turn to pay, I saw a rather well lubed and so it seems well trained hole and I put in 2 fingers. They get in without resistance.

'Could you bring me a second beer, later?' I asked.

'Yes, Sir. I see you are here the nasty one here?', Margareth replied.

'Don't now, but surely the thirsty one', I explained to a laughing Margareth.

'That is a good start of my party', laughs Andy.

'It is a start', begins Willy, ' We are here for you, Andy, to tell you everything you must know about the secret sex lives of females, so you become a good husband. You already learned, that females like to get poked in the asshole, you probably didn't know before. Let us now go to the 2nd lesson. The vagina licking. For that part we will be assisted by Evelyne the friend of Margareth, because we as colleagues miss parts for that teaching.'

We all laughed, because the alcohol already lowered our taste for jokes, considerably. Evelyne came back from the backside. She had removed all her clothes and was now standing with spread legs on the stage. Two spots were directed to her body and she was a very sporty girl with a six pack and small breasts. Her hands were on the side of her bottom and that way she spreads her pussy lips which were fleshy and a big clit, like the ones of females bodybuilders.

Willy started a detailed explanation of the female sexual organs, as if we did not had used the internet to google this many times. Andy looked fascinated at him and at the bodybuilder vagina of Evelyne. In the meantime Margareth brought me a second beer, which was cold and the foam was even more fascinating as the bodybuilder lips.

'All females loves it, when you lick them', the loud voice of destroyed my dreams of drinking a cold beer on the beach of Hawaii. Evelyne came down from the stage put herself in front of the lucky Andy and he was ordered to begin a cunnilingus.

We, gave him many useful hints, it really seemed he never did that. I concentrated back on the beer and saw that Paul who was sitting next to me has unzipped his trouser and took out a already hard and impressive sized penis.

'Nice, isn't it?', he asked me giving me an elbow bump. I showed an surprised and happy face pointing and his dick, saying:

'Yes, I am jealous', with that he seemed satisfied and I could go back to my beer. In the meantime Evelyne begins to tremble and soon she starts crying and had a huge orgasm, or at least played one skillfully.

'Yes, our Andy is the best', we shouted, 'Andy, Andy, the king of the cunnilingus'. We celebrated the success of our colleague.

'Some parts we can not show, so I invited some dancers', announced Willy now the next part of the event.

On the stage two big Nubian looking males appeared, surely more than 6 foot high and very muscular. They were dressed in roman uniforms including the pilum, the gladius and the huge shield. Evelyn and Magdalena were able to dress themselves and arrived in a toga like dress also on the stage. The music started.


The bachelor party (Part 3)

The music which played was the theme of Game of Thrones. Not really a good thing to dance I thought, but Evelyne and Magdalena were moving in snake like movements, the two males were stamping in a military stile and have already moved their weaponery to the edge of the stage. Evelyne has removed the upper layer of the toga and moved to the middle front of the stage. In the background of the stage a huge cross appeared. In the middle of it was a sedile and on it a big black dildo of about 25 cm length, well some may say a medium sized one.

Paul on my right side also discovered the cross and was using again his elbow against me pointing to the cross. Luckily the beer glass was already empty so nothing seriously happened.

'Dfg, did you see that dildo? Very big hoho!', Paul was getting my attention from the beer glass away.

'Well yours about the same size and I had the same model at home', I told him pointing at his till pointing out dick. He opens his mouth and couldn't close it again. I desperately looked at my empty beer glass, How could one get another beer, when the waitress made striptease on the stage? This must be the end of the world! I looked at the stage, yes there was Magdalena she also had removed the upper part of the toga and her big breast were dangling. She tried to catch one of the big males with the toga in her hand, but he could escape, the same action is performed with the other pair.

'Does Andy knows, what will happen to him? And do you use that dildo often on your asshole, didn't know you where such a nasty gay', Paul seemed to have found again his voice.

'No and no', I answered.

'Why?', he asked.

'Well, I do not have much time and it needs some lengthy preparation with coconut oil. And I used it for some expressive pics showing anal agony. Those I already made', I explained my sex life.

'Yes, shocking, but I meant, why does Andy not know what will happen to him?', insist Paul on an answer.

'I have no idea, actually, I tried to explain, but he did not want to listen', I told Paul.

'He did not listen, because you surely also tried to explain the prove of Fermat's theorem the same time. Oh my God, that is cruel, so he do not know?', Paul seem to be shocked but was interrupted by Willy.

'Now, our four friend will show the other side of the cunnilingus, the blowjob, we hope that Andy and Mary will do that open, dick up!', yells Willy with a to loud voice.

The two females on stage removed the same time with a fast movement the lower part of the male dancers roman costume revealing some impressive black members. The two males moved to the front of the stage turned 90 degrees, or a quarter of pi, so they were standing back to back. The two females were now kneeling in front of them starting to blew the black males penis. After a minute or so Magdalena was able to deep throat her partner. I felt in a deep depression, because obviously I will not get a third beer that way and that silly theme of Game of Thrones stared again.


The bachelor party (Part 4)

Meanwhile both were deep throating the black males on the stage. Paul was heavenly robbing his member, also my camerades seem to have lost their timidity. Paul signed to me to take out, so I followed this fearing that due to my alcohol level I will make a floppy impression, but I had luck and could relax enough to get at least the impression to be hard.

'That looks nice', meant Paul looking down.

'Not as big as yours', I tried to calm him down.

He told something about size doesn't matter and so on, so I tried to focus on the happening on the stage. The two waitresses were still passionately blowing. Then they stood up the two black man with a surprisingly elegant moves removed simultaneously the armor, the helmet wand the shirt covering the upper part of the body. They both bend backward, made a handstand, turned on their hands for pi/half (= 180 degrees) and then bend forward making a big O with their legs, showing their assholes and a lengthy dangling penis. They moved their heads up and both were able to kiss the tip of their penis, and one was able to swallow the penis glans. Margharet and Evelyne applauded so did we. Then with changed partners the blowing continued as before.

After a minute they stoped and Willy stepped to the stage in the hand a microphone.

'We celebrate the bachelor party of our friend Andy, applause for Andy', he started the more hard part of our party. We stood up to applaud Andy, also the 2 black man and Margharet and Evelyne clapped their hands.

'Come to the stage, Andy', Andy climbed to the stage, now standing with a big smile left to Willy.

'Andy, now you saw how a proper blowjob is done, we come to the fucking part', explained Willy.

'That means I can fuck now Margharet and Evelyne?', says a surprised Andy and Willy laughed out loud.

'You are funny', explains Willy, 'it naturally means, that you are fucked and then crucified, as it is tradition at the bachelor parties in our country.' With that he points with the thumb to the cross behind him.

I looked at the face of my friend and he really needs about 20 seconds to realize what will happen and then the horror was clearly visible on his face, but before he could run away the two black dancers grabbed his arms.

'He really did not know!' was Paul saying to me, that is shocking.

Yes probably that was shocking, but honestly, where is the problem of being fucked? Many males do that every day, and I guess even more females. Shocking was only that I did not see a chance to get my third beer, since none of the waitress can be seen. Could you dye from fucking, well that may happen but it is seldom, however I will surely die of thirst, when not getting a new beer. Okay, crucifixion is a different thing, it was invented for killing people, but that is Andys problem. If he did not get the silly idea to marry, there would be no bachelor party and therefor no crucifixion.

But there is hope! I just spotted Evelyne, she might bring me the third beer!


Yes, did not found a pic showing what I imagined for the 2 black stripers. I thought the a striper called Ridiculous did that in a movies. However I found a similar pic of a white(!) stripper doing that action, so you have to double it, make black man and you got it. The situation of to females blowing males is not unimaginable and the horror of someone just hearing that he will put to cross can often found here. So I can't wait to see what I will write for the last part, but at least there is a good chance I will have another beer



Yes, did not found a pic showing what I imagined for the 2 black stripers. I thought the a striper called Ridiculous did that in a movies. However I found a similar pic of a white(!) stripper doing that action, so you have to double it, make black man and you got it. The situation of to females blowing males is not unimaginable and the horror of someone just hearing that he will put to cross can often found here. So I can't wait to see what I will write for the last part, but at least there is a good chance I will have another beer

!View attachment 980380
I hope that it's a guinness!



Naturally, I spent good times with a German beer in German bars, remembering good places, probably a good description is in this country songs.


The bachelor party (Part 5)

Hello! I tried to get into eye contact with Evelyne and she registered my pleading look and came with a new beer. What is better than a woman knowing the secret wishes of us males. I was happy, for paying we agreed that I suck her tits for a while, not to long else the beer would become warm and I saw the more indignant look of Paul while I sucked Evelynes titts. Well, she was soon leaving and I could start drinking my beer and was looking if anything new happened on the stage. Indeed the action continues and Willy and Margareth were able to remove the trousers and ugly looking boxer shorts of a resisting Andy.

'Look, Dfg, his dick much smaller than yours! Well he will not need it the next few minutes anyway', was Paul pointing out to me.

'Yes, Paul, that is good, it is allways good to see dicks which are smaller than ones own, that makes ther day good, but you know what is better?', I asked Paul, who seemed to think about that question.

'To see bigger and hard dicks ready to fuck you!' I helped him. He laughed out loudly, so I was happy to meet the humor of drunken gay men, so I concentrated on my beer, again.

On the stage, after the ugly boxer short was removed, the two black dancer were able also to remove the shirt of Andy and he was naked now. The two black men throw him to the floor of the stage. Andy was lying on his belly, one of his torturers fixed his arms while kneeling on him. The other spread his legs and lowered himself so his hard dick pointed to Andys rectum. It did not enter but slides in the ass split upwoards. The dancer graped his dick putting it again at his asshole and lowering himself but he still couldn't enter and the dick of the dancer showed a horrifying crinkle. Margareth threw a bottle of some massage oil to the stage and the raping dancer graped it and put a tremedous amount of oil on Andys ass. After that he tried it again.

'Stop', cried Andy, 'I am a virgin don't fuck me! Please!'

'Not very manly', said Paul next to me, 'He ahould have prepared before. We in our family have to self-fist before the bachelor party and someone of the family has to check he did it. I had to supervise my older brother, who made that before his bachelor party. He had a prolapse there and needed medical treatment.'

'Okay?', was the only comment which come into my mind after being confronted with the other side of the river, or ocean?

'You, should try to poop!', I shouted in the direction of Andy to helping him.

He seemed to follow my orders, because it seemed as if the penis glans finally passed Andys sphincter. He looked at us with big eyes in an unbelieving face. His mouth opened, while the dancers dick went deeper and deeper into Andy's ass. In about the middle of the penetration Andy began to cry loudly. The cry stoped when the balls of the dancer reached his ass cheeks nd also the dancer was stoping his thrust.

'Andy's cherry is popped', declared Willy. So we stud up, applauded for Andy's achievment, and reciting the traditional words:

>'Cherry pop, Andys pop. Never top.
>Fucked he is, prepared he is, pain it is,
>man to be, open mean, not a dream.
>Loosen wide, the backside, showing pride.
>Now you serve, with all the nerves,
>to your wife, never revolt.'

After the ceremonial speech, we sat down, while the dancer continued to vigurously fucking Andy, who begged to stop it. Willy in the meantime used the oportunity to remember the meaning of the bachelor parties.

'Sports, as you know', he started to annoy us, 'after the seizure of power of the females 3 years ago, they ordered, that every bachelor has to be fucked at least twice before he could enter the gates of heaven of a female. He also gets a whiping of 39 lashes by the bride and he will be put on cross by the hen party. If the bachelor makes a good show with his death dance, which is normally definend by cumming twice, the bride and the bridesmate will take him down for the wedding. If not he will be transported with the cross to a public place, till another female takes him down to marry him. I am sure our friend Andy will make a perfect show, look how he really enjoys my hired sphincter destroyers.”

I had actually serious doubts about the future of Andy. In the meantime the first dancer emptied his balls into Andy, which gave himself over, so the second dancer was now vigourously fucking Andy without any reaction of him.


Now let us hope Andy will do a good show on the cross to convince Mary with some cumshaw out of his little dick. Little is there key word, why is this little beer glass already empty, must find another one....
Oh my, perhaps not the femdom universe I was first imagining (by a freaking long shot!!!!) but quite bizarre and the high paced story enough keep me interested....

10/10 for imagination, was good, thank you


The bachelor party (Part 6)

In the meantime I was going to the backside, found the kitchen and came back with 2 glasses of cold beer! On the stage the second dancer was still fucking eagerly poor Andy. He seem not to realize it anymore which did not stop the dancer from humping up and down. The viewers including Willy had opened their trousers, wanking their dicks showing a wide variety of sizes! Impressive was the one of Paul, which now was coming to his climax and shouting big loads of cum everywhere about our place. Simultaneously the actor on the stage stopped pumping Andy and he seems to ejaculate into him. Andy opened his eyes looked surprised and happy when he felt that the enormous penis was token out. The two black dancer were leaving the stage, I gave Paul a serviette and put the second glass of beer before him.

'Thank you, Dfg', he said why I was carefully looking not to sit on the remaining of Pauls shooting....

'Now, we will let enter the hen party! And the the main event starts', announces Willy.

'Stand up Andy!', he whispers to Andy. This one was stood up, wanking and sniffing. With his right hand he was touching his backside, checking obviously, if something was felling out.

Willy had a big bell and we stood up to applaud the incoming hen party. There was about 12 females, the bride and the bridesmaid, the most important person of the following.

The bridesmaid positions herself in front of Willy and they start the traditional dialog:

'Has the groom fucked twice? And is he now ready for the marriage?

'Yes he was! Will be the most obedient husband known since ever.'

'Was he brave and accepted the even the bigger ones, to prove his love.'

'Yes he was going far beyond its limits, as you see.'

'Can I see to be sure?'

'Yes, mistress sure you can'

with that she positions herself behind Andy, 'bend down and spreads your cheeks!' she orders. Andy does as ordered and the traditional words:

'Open, as the door of a barn!' We, the bachelor party and the hen party applauds. I try to look at the eyes of the bride, she seemed not impressed, as I feared.

'He is ready for the cross, till the bride him toss.'

'Let us destroy his sphincter, so he know his role as sinker.'

With that two females of the hen party put rope around his arms, with enormous speed, they must have trained that, the rope is passed through the 2 eyelet, the other females grasp the other end of the ropes and Andy is forcefully pulled to the cross and up on the cross his arms fixed at the right position. That was harsher than usual and Andy had obviously much pain and cried out loud.


The bachelor party (Part 7)

Andy was crying and his legs were pendling free increasing his pain, his little limb dick, really improved the bad impression he made.

'Last bachelor party I visited', told me Paul, 'the groom get an erection, when he saw his bride and was even to place himself above the cornu,
cumming just the first time it entered. That was quite a show,'

'Yes, Andy is really not the broom material', I agreed with Paul.

Meanwhile, the bridesmate fixed the feet of Andy at the backside, spreading his legs and presenting the lower part of him. I was not sure, but it seems, that he had a prolapse. Seems that Willy organized to strong impalators. However also the bridesmate saw it, as it seems.

'Now it is the brides role!', she said and Mary was climbing on to the stage. She walked to the left side of the cross, the bridesmate to the right side of the cross. Together they lifted the ass of Andy, with a quick movement the bridesmate tried to correct the prolapse and Andy was put directly above the cornu, which was this reasonably big black dildo.

Without any resistance the cornu just slides into Andy, while Mary was showing shock and dissapointment the same time. She touches his limb dick, no reaction and she turned around leaving the stage.

'Oh no, it will be the pegging punishment', said Paul.

'Yes', I answered and wondered if I could be made myself so small, to be able to hide behind my beer glass!


Pegging punishment? Oh no, it is not enough to crucify this silly ones wanted to marry? Who will be pegged and with what? Must be huge ones, else it is no punishment at all. Now I am really in distress, I will never go to a bachelor party again. Lesson learned!



The bachelor party (Part 8)

'Who were those who opened the broom?' asks the bridesmate. And from behind of the stage the 2 dancers now clothed again came into the front, both where smiling, knowing what will come.

'Undress!', orders the bridesmate. From the background some striping music is to hear and the dancer professionally removes the clothes. Andy helplessly hang still on the cross, with the cornu still completely penetrating him. I try to give him with hand sign, that he should move up and down to fuck the cornu and to relief the tension in his arms. Finally he seems to understand, while the two dancers are nude, Andy slowly begin to move up and down.

There seems much admiration from the hen crowd which inspected the 2 dancers.

'Okay, become, hard!', the bridemate orders. Both begin to wank and where very immediately erected. Magdalena and Evelyne brought in a table and put it in the middle of the stage.

'On the table, on the back body and legs up', commands the bridesmate. The two dancers do as they ordered, with ones head to the left the others head to the right and they opend their butts by pulling back their knees. I noticed, that their asses exactly matches the end of the table, they surely have trained that. Under an horrible whistling noise to females with a strap-on climbed to the stage. The strap-on was a silver shining cylinder with a cup, exactly in the form of a half-sphere. The diameter would be about 7 cm. Length 35 cm I guessed. Okay easy at least to calculate the voluminum,

V = pi 7squared (1/4 times 35 + 1/8) = pi 7squared times 71 divided by 8 cm to the power 3
= 1527 cm power 3 = 1.5 Liters

Okay, that should hurt. Meanwhile the 2 cylinders were carefully greased and Andy is finally doing some fucking on the cross. His dicks seems be a littler bigger now, but was hard to say from my place.

'Are you ready?', asks Willy, the dancers nodes their head.

'1, 2 and 3', was the command of the bridesmate and the cylinders disappeared in one stroke in the dancers asses.

'My god', said Paul, 'did you see that?', I nodded. In not more than a minute the two females were pegging the two dancers with incredible speed and they shoot their cum, simultaneously the same time. That show at least seems to inspire Andy, who was now able to show an erection while going up and down on the cross.

'I guess, Willy should have used a bigger sedile, considering the equipment of these two dancers', I told Paul.

'No would be to much, for Andy, did you not see the prolapse, he choose the wrong dancers. I know you are into the black ones, but I think for Andy....', answered Paul, 'but look now it works!'

I looked at the crucified and indeed he was now shooting cum and cum and cum, and didn't wanted to stop. Finally totally exhausted, he slides down the cornu, while Mary seems to get angry, that Andy seemed to enjoy the show.

'One he has! One to go!', we shouted, hoping soon the final decision of Mary to accept her Andy.

'Not yet, the second round has to go, any volunteers?' asks the bridesmate. Paul peeks me with the elbow, 'that would be for you.....'

'I learned in the army, that you should never ever volunteer to nothing', I answered.

'Willy you are the first volunteer', declared Mary, as it is tradition. In the meantime the bridesmate saw, that Paul is peeking me, set up a smile and said: 'and you Paul are the second one.' I could swear she winked with the eye in my direction, but I knew naturally such old lads, like me, always believe wrongly that they are attractive for young females, so I ignored it.

So Willy and Paul lined up on the stage. 'Undress!' ordered the bridesmate, so the two removed their clothes and stand their with boxer shorts, blue with yellow stripes in the case of Willy and with big red dots on white shorts in the case of Paul. I covered my eyes.

'All', said the bridesmate, 'and you should the one who gave you that boxer shorts.' They removed the the fashion disaster and stand their buck naked. Willy surely had overweight, a lot of hair, a bigger belly and therefor a small dick. Paul was more in the ideal form, probably with to few muscles, but cleanly shaved and his oversized dick, which he tried to show pridely to the females, but they ignored him.

'On the table, on the back body and legs up', commands the bridesmate, again. Paul and Willy do as they ordered, with ones head to the left the others head to the right and they opend their butts by pulling back their knees, exactly as the two dancers before, but a little, okay..... Under an horrible whistling noise two females with a strap-on climbed to the stage. There were different females, but the same strap-on. Paul was a little to far away from the end of the table, so his Mistress grapes him and pulled him in the direction of her. On the other side Paul was already penetrated by the tip of the strap-on. He looked surprised, probably bigger than he thought.

Most males overestimate not only the size of the penis they have, was my thoughts. Willy on the other hand had to grit his teeth, while his mistress slowly progressed, Paul was faster, steadily it was entered, while Paul was moving to enable the penetration. When she finally reached the end, Paul showed something like a happy, smile saying, I did it and the fucking of him was slowly starting.

The painful face of Willy told another story, however both now were pegged, while me was annoyed, but luckily Evelyne brought me a new bear, was it the fourth, or already the fifth, who cares, then better than 7 inches in the ass, are surely 7 beers in the stomach

'You are allowed to masturbate', explained the bridesmate, the reason, while the two on stage were merciless fucked. So they did, with very short strokes of Willy and a skillful play of Paul. Andy seem to like what he saw, because he began to move up and down, and his erection was again growing.

Five minutes later my glass was empty and they were still masturbating. I tried to persuade my glass to fill himself up again by starring at it intensively, then I saw Willy tremble and a few sticky drops of cum were somewhat coming out of his little member, Paul needed more time, but also produced more. We stood up to applaud and Andy had an erection, thanks to god!

'Satisfied?', asked the bridesmate the bride, which could not hide her disappointment.

'One condition is left!', she said pointing to Andy which looked at her with horror in his eyes.

'Yes, but nearly, look!', said the bridesmate, going to Andy at the cross, taking his penis in her mouth and indeed after a few seconds he shoot tremendous amount of cum into his bridesmates mouth. She swallowed all of it.

'Okay, take him down, I will marry this deadbeat. We see us tomorrow', she turned walked away and left the room.

Two of the females took Andy down, he made a few steps and broke down. Paul was coming to my place: 'Dfg, how was I does one still see's it?' he asks, spreading hi ass chick, showing a tremendously gaped hole.

That was finally to much for me and I passed out. Luckily, my colleagues waked me up the next day and we attended a beautiful wedding.

I am so happy that again one of my stories ended in a happy end in which the two lovers married each other, exactly the same way I learned from the Hollywood movies of my childhood. The marriage of Mary and Andy will surely be a living hell, but who cares? What only counts is the good beer, or as the country song of my youth, remembering me on the time, the females were not yet in command says: “God is good, beer is great and people are crazy.”


Okay, a sad, a funny and a disturbing afterword: I am 56 and it happens to be, that I never was at a bachelor party (the sad), so probably I am completely correct about what happens there (the funny) and if not, considering that I was able to formulate that event this way, in some sense it can and will happen exactly like that (the disturbing), and I may look at the many world theory, or to make people angry just cite the bible: ".....and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do." (Genesis 11,6)


Thank you for this unusual way to tell us we would better stay single, dfg42!;)

The evening before my marriage, I had to work.:eusa_doh:
I remember your answers in my limits questionnaire, you surely would not have liked to be in Andys position, who was raped and crucified in Avery humiliating way. Remember he enjoyed the male performances before his future wife, very bad start for his role as husband. So lucky you working during that time.

No bachelor party:partyhat: for me.:nono:

I seem to have escaped something!:p
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