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  1. Jennica2

    Robby's Big Challenge

    Robert Covington III, is a very privileged young man. His entire life, he's been afforded all his heart desires. He even has his own butler, Jeeves, who is the most loyal, trusted servant a young man could ever want. And Robby wants his own "Amusement Park." If you knew "Master Robby" as...
  2. Jennica2

    Lexi's Last Day

    Mr Laird leans back in his chair. He's a tenured professor of history at the F.I.S.T. Academy. An extremely strict school for 18-year olds. "I have graded your last exam. And I have to say, one of you turned in the most embarrassing attempt I've ever seen. Just a complete disgrace."...
  3. Illara

    Gods' Edicts Part III - The Crucifixion of High Priestess Vera

    The Execution of High Priestess Vera Note: This story is a fantasy. Nothing more. Chapter 1 – The Discovery King Titus was in his pleasure chambers, being sexually serviced by a number of slave girls. A pair worked his massive cock with their mouths, another pair were on either side of...
  4. Jennica2

    Murray's Revenge

    The Mayor's Daughter steps out of the limo, and walks with intent toward the store. She doesn't mean to be in this neighborhood a second longer than necessary. It disgusts her. The people disgust her.
  5. Jennica2

    The Sensational Six - On a Mission

    The Sensational Six are on a mission. Follow the comic to discover what they seek, and to join in all the action and adventure along the way.
  6. Yupar

    Yupar's Kinky Creations

    After a year of struggles in my unrest home country, finally I managed to move my neighbour country. As I'm staying alone so far, now I get more private times to create my kinky fetish manipulations and I created my Patreon as one day I highly hope to to create my own photography series like...
  7. tygavin

    The Island of Mr and Mrs. Jones.

    My life changed in an instant. Or should I say my life came to an end in an instant. It happened with a phone call. I sat at my desk in the successful gymnasium I had built, while my lovely wife worked outside my office as my secretary. I should have known by her shaky voice who she suspected...
  8. TortureECT


    The head doctor gives the signal for the ward boy to start the process , machines hums as the dial is turned , he loves her writhing convulsing body covered in fem sweat trembling and trying to free itself from her asylum restraints while she pissed herself again , foam starts to form at her...
  9. dfg42

    Humiliation? Does it still work?

    We have different theories about crucifixion. Naturally it is a death penalty and as such it is a punishment you surely don't want. But it was also a special horrible punishment in the roman times, for the roman citizen due to nudity, flogging, rape and not so sure a death dance on a cornu. I...
  10. Fossy

    Trailer Park Trixie's Torment, Part III - Istanbul, Turkey

    Beatrix Thomson came from humble beginnings, born and raised on Bubba Jim’s Mobile Home Resort. The young girl was known as Trixie to some but to others she was simply TPT – ‘Trailer Park Trash’. Through sheer determination Trixie dragged herself up and out of her hometown of Branchwater...
  11. Rupert_137

    Fairy Tales, Sagas and Legends

    Fairy Tales, Sagas and Legends A few pictures and other dragon stories I read gave me the idea to write a short, fairytale-like episode that's meaningless and pretty harmless. It's just a small experiment... If this arouses interest, I have ideas for some more serious sagas and legends...
  12. lember

    Ten green bottles

  13. dommmu

    A Tradition to Keep

    Abstract All that Abby wants is to be home with her family on Christmas Eve, but her flight got cancelled and now she is stranded at the airport. As a last resort, she joins three strangers in a rental car. But their road trip quickly takes an unexpected turn and Abby finds herself to be the...
  14. montycrusto

    All About The Cornu

    This thread is for pictures, discussion, ideas, etc about the “cornu”, which is an appendage to a cross, designed to penetrate or impale the crucified victim’s pussy or anus (or both). Please include here also links to stories or other content that feature the cornu, such as @Barbaria1 ’s...
  15. Fossy

    Sexpionage II

    Welcome to Sexpionage II. The first Sexpionage thread, in which all stories previous to 'Abducted' can be found, is here ... https://www.cruxforums.com/xf/threads/sexpionage.8609/post-579092 Sexpionage has a new shorter format, and so all chapters now will be 1,000 words or less, which will...
  16. Doragon

    Further ordeals of Alisa Foxen

    Further ordeals of Alisa Foxen About a journalist who escaped execution by Islamic State, only to discover her troubles are far from over. A continuation of the ordeals of Alisa Foxen By: Doragon (2021) Disclaimer: All characters and events in this story are entirely fictional. The following...
  17. Doragon

    The ordeals of Alisa Foxen

    Bear with me, this is a long story and crucifixion won't happen until chapter 11. The story contains a lot of other torture elements, some really bizarre and unrealistic, but hopefully fun for those who are into such things. Although there are three victims, two men and one woman, the story...
  18. dfg42

    The bachelor party

    You probably wonder why a bachelor party, will be on the crucifixion forum. Guess you never were at one and you didn't follow my comments on crucified males. That is now your fault, fellows, you know: "Those who do not want to listen, will have to feel!" So you now better listen up to the tale...
  19. Ovid

    The Inverse Y

    There are threads in the forum that deal with X-cross bondage or crucifixion to a St. Andrew's cross and spreadeagle bondage (The Magic Of Being Tied Spreadeagle). But no thread about the so called "inverse Y". The arms are tied above the head to a crossbeam or the ceiling. Arms and shoulders...
  20. Fossy


    Our good CF friend and appreciator of pain, @StarbuckSlut, set a little challenge for me the other day. Having ascertained that I was familiar with the very popular UK TV series Downton Abbey (a series that, I believe, has found its way onto many national TV networks by now, including the US)...
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