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Today, we are repeating what will happen in two days, stronger, harder, more definitive.

Except the sun which will not change everything will be more supported.

This is why, this day, I take everything with a relative philosophy because I know that I do not undergo the worst.

The procession under the sun was very tiring and the harsh but bearable flogging, its only purpose was to mark our backs so that we could feel the roughness of the wood of our cross, the crucifixion was quick and now here I am exposed as I like it, naked and accessible to all, pulling and pushing on my arms and legs, my breasts pulled up and my wet pussy opening and closing according to my movements.

I must calm down, spare myself to live as intensely as possible this moment of suffering that I so longed for.

People who have never been fixed on a cross ignore it but the pains of the crucifixion are directly present and do not leave you.

I have limbs that are directly ankylosed and all of my muscles that become hard and painful.

If you add lashes you go up one degree in suffering.

The first blows I receive are very hard and my breasts are directly marked with red, I even have the right nipple that is bleeding and the pain I feel is awful!
The blows descend and my executioner ends with my belly, my shaved pubis and my vulva!

At my feet, a man is masturbating when he sees me suffer!

I shout to him to come and take care of me and here he starts with one hand pinching my bloody nipple while he searches my vulva with the other.

The mixture of pain and nascent pleasure is very pleasant and, as soon as it attacks my clitoris, I start to enjoy!
I pitch up, offer my vagina to the hand of the man who now comes with his tongue and makes me leave for an additional orgasm.

I fall back now in my pains and, moreover, the second flogging will already begin!

The blows no longer hurt me, on the contrary, they rekindle in me the fire of enjoyment that I have just experienced!

The more the whip marks me, the more the door of pleasure opens towards a new orgasm even more important than those I have just crossed!

Now, I lie on the ground, I suffer from everywhere but I am happy and I envision with a smile the continuation, my definitive crucifixion.



So we left Pete on his cross!
At our request, it will remain exposed until the moment when we are taken down from ours.

The return to the villa is very painful, we have to support each other and have even received the help of good Samaritans who have realized the dilapidation of our states.

The twenty four hours of rest that we are going to have will be welcome.

On the avenue of the cross, eight stipes without patibulum are on the ground, surely ours are already waiting for us!

We are finally coming!

We take turns in the hands of slaves who, with a lot of ointments and other products treat our wounds and then massage us trying to relax our muscles which have suffered terribly today.

After having discussed a moment, we all agree, there will be no deserter, we will go together until the end.

Each one having signed her contract, Aline goes to the office to have them definitively registered.

Now there is no turning back, the road is mapped out.

We are all very tired but also very nervous, the meal is fast and we decide to go to bed because it is our last "normal" night, the next it is in prison that we will spend it after being severely whipped!

I am barely lying on our bed when I feel a body come to snuggle against me! In the dark,
I do not see at first who it is then I realize that it is Beate, the German, who is lacking in sex!
But it is not the only one because, coming from the other side, hands grab my cock and my balls!

It's Aline who, after using her hands, just swallowed me!

Things are changing very quickly because I now have the German who is astride my face and who offers me her vulva to taste!

Aline is impaled on me and kisses Beate on the mouth, it doesn't take long to cum!

I don't know if this is the best way to recover but it allows us to release the stress that is in us!

The others have nothing to envy us because shouts of pleasure echo throughout the room.

Soon, we are all united in an orgy which even our four slaves joined!

It is really the sex party where everyone gives the maximum of himself for his pleasure and the pleasure of others.

Calm has now returned and we all sink into the arms of Morpheus with our heads full of what awaits us the next day.



It was really very difficult to reach the villa!

My legs are made of cotton and if it had not been helped by this charming couple to support me, I do not think I would have succeeded.
I also explained to them the program that awaits us for the next few days and they promised to come and relieve my pain when I am nailed to my cross!
These people are there to test themselves and perhaps to decide to undergo the same torture as us!

At the villa, I entrust my body and my wounds to the good care of one of our slaves who is really good at retyping people.

To thank him, I also welcomed his huge cock in the mouth while he massaged my clitoris with his tongue.
While enjoying, I took at the back of the throat powerful jets of sperm that I hastened to swallow.

Now, I feel much better, I believe that after a good night's sleep I will be in great shape to tackle the hardest ordeal of my life, the final realization of my greatest fantasy.

I do not know if it is the fact that our death is getting closer and closer but it seems to me that we all really want sex!

Birgitt and Bjorn make love romantically, lovingly!

My Francis is in good hands with Beate and Aline.

Starbuckslut and I are devouring our pussy when Kathy appears in the bedroom with our four slaves!
They join us and we quickly form a beast with seven heads who all enjoy together!

The others quickly joined us and it is in this carnal sarabande, this frenzied bacchanal that we spend a good part of the night before falling asleep exhausted but happy.


Terra Nova Tramp
I doubt that, from the way we spent the night, we are in great shape to tackle the last part of our fight against the crosses but I enjoyed it so much that I have no regrets or remorse!

The return to the villa had been very hard, my legs barely supporting me and with in my head this image of Pete, who died too early on the cross!

Speaking of crosses, ours are already waiting for us!
The stipes are there, on the ground!
We will have to bring our patibulums ourselves before being nailed!

Passing in front, I see myself already naked, nailed, exposed and this causes me an influx of cum between the legs!

What I feel very extended in the hammam with this hot steam which purifies my whole body!
I do not stop spraying myself with water, this water which I missed so much this afternoon on the cross and which I will surely still miss very much when I will be definitively nailed.

I feel so good that I run a hand between my legs and start massaging my clitoris!

One of the slaves approaches me, sprinkles me with water and settles down, replacing my fingers with an agile tongue.
I liquefy and go through a violent orgasm!

But that's not all, I now pass on the massage table where, in addition to feeling better and better at the level of my muscles, I simultaneously enjoy the magnificent cocks of the two male slaves.
So I'm leaving for a stratospheric journey to seventh heaven.

A bit shaky surely because of the time difference caused by my trips to second states, the slaves escort me for my short trip to the room!
We arrive just in time to enter the battle!

It is first with Karine and Starbuckslut that we mix but very quickly, we all find ourselves grouped!

Until late at night, we will continue the fight! How will we be tomorrow?

Too bad if I am not in shape, it is anyway to die



Now I am more aware of the torments that I have been able to impose on others and that I undoubtedly deserve to suffer and die like them!

I can't imagine going on living with these horrors in mind.

I would like it to go quickly, that I find myself nailed to my cross!

Nails are the only thing I haven't experienced yet, and I must be a little crazy, I want to feel them penetrate my flesh.

The great misfortune is that I take Bjorn with me!
If he is going to be crucified, it is out of love for me and I feel him more and more desperate, afraid.

We supported each other to return to the villa and I felt him tremble when we passed in front of the spikes which are intended for us.

After the baths, massages and treatments, I don't leave him, I talk to him softly and lead him towards the room where we made love delicately, as if we were alone in the world!

But we were not alone in the world and we were quickly drawn into the improvised orgy which lasted a good part of the night.

Before falling asleep, I talked a little with Aline about Bjorn!

She confirmed to me that everything was programmed and now irreversible!
Even if he wanted to backtrack, it was no longer possible!

Tomorrow, Bjorn will therefore undergo the same treatment as the others and will be crucified the day after tomorrow!

I am very sad for him because I feel reluctant. I snuggle lovingly in his arms, it's our last night together, I love him.

Tomorrow, we will be judged, condemned, whipped and imprisoned before spending a night exposed to the sexual desires of the guards!

Then will be the big day, finally, I will be permanently united to my cross.


I never thought that three hours linked to a cross would exhaust me to such an extent!

I am lying on the ground and I wonder if there is a part of my body that does not make me suffer!

My skin was burned by the sun and the red streaks that mark my body are pinching me terribly!
My limbs are so stiff that I am afraid to get up, afraid to fall directly.

Fortunately, a nice couple offers to help me but while I'm still on the floor, they take the opportunity to caress my breasts and sex!

They can afford anything, I accept everything!

Besides, after the woman has licked me while caressing her man, she gives him the place and, directly, he sinks into my vagina a sex of respectable size.

So I'm broken, I can not enjoy but if they only need that to bring me back to the villa, it is not expensive to pay.

And they bring me back while asking me about my plans and my experience of crucifixion because they are also candidates for the cross, it is their greatest desire to end up crucified, nailed to a cross!

I explain our program to them and tell them that when I am nailed, they can come to see me and that I will tell them of all my feelings, the pleasures and the pains that I will experience.

The appointment is made, they will come to see me and help me.

I must say that the slaves assigned to us have gold in their hands and elsewhere too, for that matter!

After going very hot in the hammam and very cold in the frigidarium, ointments and massages, I feel much better and have a great desire for sex!

When I arrive in the room, I realize that I am not the only one and that everyone has the same desires! I find myself more than entwined with Karine when Kathy appears with our four slaves and, directly, I am penetrated from behind.

When Karine starts to enjoy under my licks, I feel sperm coming in my ass!

Afterwards, from enjoyment to enjoyment, I no longer remember who I sucked or who penetrated me.

This bacchanal continued late into the night!

It was our last normal night and we all wanted to enjoy it!

Who knows how we will be treated tomorrow night?



The way back to the villa was arduous, but we all made it. Finally freed from the ropes of the crosses, we all sign our contract and pass on the signed papers. The slaves massage us, the healing ointments are true miracles. They help us to regain our strength. After a little strengthening, the powers in us come back and also the desires are back.

While I was bound to a cross just a moment ago, I am already going to visit Francis again. I cuddle up to him and begin to spoil him. Quickly he is also ready again and I am looking forward to riding him Oh how I have missed this sex.

My hand feels Aline and she comes closer to us. We both kiss and play with our tongues while I ride on Francis. It's going to be an interesting evening I realize and the three of us play with ourselves for hours.

Francis is a gifted lover and Aline is also wonderful. I do my best and drive them both from one to the next orgasm.
The later the evening becomes, the wilder and more unrestrained I become. In the end I enjoyed every cock and licked every pussy. I finally feel full again.

In the end I lie with Francis and Aline and we three love each other one last time before we finally fall into a comfortable sleep. What comes tomorrow should also come tomorrow, here and now it is our satisfaction.



Here it is, so it is the big day, our ordeal will begin !

I will pay for my faults, for this weight that I have on my conscience and which pursues me nonstop.

The night was long and, sexually, very animated, we all mixed, our bodies had to exhilarate, this approach to death gave us these irresistible desires for sex, enjoyment.

Being in the first surveys and serving as an intermediary with our executors, I received a person who came to give me the program and the last instructions.

This midday, we will receive our last meal which will be quite frugal but very energetic.

At 2:00 p.m., our preparation will begin with an enema to allow us to empty the intestines as much as possible and we will also receive our 1st injection which will allow us to better experience our flogging and our crucifixion by reducing pain and increasing our libido.

Then, at 4:00 p.m., we will be picked up to take us to court and begin to suffer our ordeal.

I am happy to finally be in the big day of the beginning of my expiation and I am impatient, like my companions besides, that the festivities begin which will make us the ephemeral stars of the island, the stars of the day, of the cross .



The night was very busy but after a few ablutions, I feel ready to face the real adventure that we have come to seek in this island, the realization of our deadly fantasy.

The meal was light and here are the guards who come to prepare us!

First the enema to cleanse the inside and avoid the shame of defecation during our ordeal, and then we receive an intravenous injection that will allow us to better cope with our suffering and increase our libido.
Once this injection done, I feel a rush of blood to my lower abdomen and directly my cock was in semi-erection ready to respond to all requests.

It will be time to leave and we are all connected together by the leather collar that we wear around our necks and to which our wrists are also attached.

It is not far from the villa in court and we therefore enter the courtroom which is presented as an amphitheater with an audience of about fifty people and, in front of us at the table, five men supposed to be our judges.

Except our male and female guards who protect their traditional loincloth which hides nothing of their anatomy and we, accused, who are naked, the public and the judges are all dressed in Roman togas!

The central judge who is in fact the owner of the island speaks:

- Ladies and gentlemen, after examining the files of each of the defendants who appear before us today, I have come to the conclusion that none of them deserves mercy or extenuating circumstances.
They are all depraved sexual, patent masochists.
In my soul and conscience, I therefore condemn them to undergo two floggings of fifty blows before being crucified until death ensues.
Guards, take the condemned!
Executioners, I entrust them to you!
May God have mercy on their souls!

It was brief, dramatic and expected!

So here we are condemned to die on the cross, condemned to realize our fantasy.

The guards take us to the agora and tie us to the torture stations, our first flogging will begin.



I haven’t had that much sex in a long time. I actually did it with every one of my friends and the steadfast slaves took me one by one at the end.
Only after that I came back to my closest friends and locked happily between them.
The day has been quiet so far.
Today we had ablutions, everybody washed himself and we soaped ourselves well. After some time we were clean and pure again. Our smell was okay again. Finally Aline explained us the coming procedure. There is a small breakfast, afterwards we are cleaned. In the afternoon around 14:00 o’clock we started. We are cleaned inside properly with an enema and then rinsed out.
Tied together, with a leather cuff we are set up. A doctor comes and gives us an injection. One of several that we will receive until the crucifixion. It should take away the pain, but at the same time strengthen our libido. What a strange idea. I don’t believe in it.
At least not until I feel my nipples erect and my labia begin to fill with blood. To my misfortune I now get horny too, but I can’t do anything because I’m tied up.
Then go to the court date and I don’t understand. I thought our verdict was final. My friends tell me that this is a kind of show trial for the many spectators.
Now they’re taking us to the judge. Everybody’s looking at us, they see that the men have their cocks up and also that we girls have gotten hot Our nipples are erect and you can see that.

The actual court date is not exciting, they read out our guilt and that we would be punished with death. That was clear to us before. When we then learn that a flagellation is imminent and that we will receive 50 blows, 25 on our backs and 25 on our breasts.
I can hardly follow the trial, because I start to drip, my vagina is as wet as usual before a wonderful sex evening. But now I am dripping and I think everyone can see me.

Now we are taken away and tied up at the whipping place again. The audience, a good 50 people are already gathered, they want to see how it tears our skin.
When they lay me with my belly on the half round wood, I can’t help it and I come. Loudly screaming I surrender and the juice runs out of me. The soldier with the whip smiles at me as if he was about to rape me, but he uses the whip.
Soon it starts, I am excited, I am so horny that I am longing for the blows. I must be crazy, I am looking forward to today, which will end my life.



After a crazy night of debauchery, a restful sleep, a passage in the baths and a frugal meal, I feel ready and very impatient to face my destiny!

Aline told us about the course of the day and that's what I expected!

The enema will perhaps generate some of the group but I am used to it!
Before our club meetings, I always have one because I know I'm going to be taken from behind and I don't want to have an unpleasant accident.
Here, I suspect that it is not in this perspective that it is imposed on us, it would rather be to prevent our crucifixion from being marred by intestinal accidents!

Then, the injection! I hope that in terms of pain it will act but I do not want to feel nothing!
If I chose to be crucified, it is precisely to be able to suffer because I love to suffer!
I have the impression that this product that I have been inoculated will do nothing against real blows such as lashes or nailing but will, on the other hand, make it possible to better withstand the constant evil that I will experience on my cross!

On the libido side, directly after the injection, I felt my breast ends harden and stand up!
Between the legs, I had the impression that my vulva was swelling and that my clitoris wanted to get out of its hiding place and go in search of petting!
I don't think it will be necessary to stimulate me enormously so that I reach heights! It bodes well!

So here we go to be judged!

Mock trial and theatrical justice for us because the planned sentence has obviously been pronounced, we are condemned to death by crucifixion.

We are attached to our flogging positions!

Twenty five lashes behind and twenty five in front, I hope they will be well supported and precise because I feel my pussy dripping with envy along my thighs!

It won't take me much to get through intense orgasms!

I think this product that we have been injected will fill me up, I have to get the most out of it.


Terra Nova Tramp
My last night as a free person was really busy!

I cannot say how many orgasms have passed through me so much I have experienced them.
Knowing that in a few days I will no longer be in this world, I had no worries about my future and it was therefore very good to be able to have fun without taking any precautions.

This morning, during my stay in the thermal baths, I could not help yet take advantage of our male slaves who are really inexhaustible while I, I became really insatiable, my sex really became the main point of interest in my existence which will soon end.

So today is the day of the great beginning of our end!

Aline has just revealed the program to us and, after having taken our last meal, we await the arrival of the guards!

There is a heavy silence, each of us is lost in thought, everyone knows that he will die soon.

The guards arrive and their treatment begins with an enema!
So here we are all relatively ridiculous, our asses in the air with a cannula in our anus!

Then, it's an intravenous to which we are entitled!
I do not know if it will be really effective in combating our suffering but I feel that, in terms of libido, it works tremendously well!
I was already very excited but now it's reaching new heights!
My vulva literally burns me, my clitoris is on fire!
I can not help but rub it with the hand automatically triggering a divine enjoyment.

Spotted by a guard, he hastens to reward me with a slave collar to which he connects my wrists so that I can no longer touch myself.

So here we go to court to hear our death sentence by confirmed crucifixion before finding ourselves chained to torture stations on the agora to undergo our first flogging!
My pussy always burns as much and drips between my thighs!

Strongly the lashes because I feel that the pain that I will experience will quickly turn into terrible enjoyment


The last step towards the realization of my ultimate fantasy has therefore begun!

I am attached to a torture station and I am waiting to receive my first flogging to which I am therefore sentenced.

I like what they call condemnation!
This staging which only confirmed what I and my companions expected, a death sentence by crucifixion.

Psychologically, I am ready because I have always dreamed of it and although I know that I will suffer excruciatingly, I am happy to finally get there.

The proximity of death put us all in a terrible state of excitement and our last night at the villa was dantesque.

The enema that we were given this morning is very understandable, it will prevent us from letting our intestines relieve when we are nailed and the injection that followed will allow us to better live our ordeal!
There is also the other effect of this injection, we were all very excited already but now it reaches a peak!

My breast ends hurt so much they are so hard and from my anus to my clitoris through my intimate lips and my vagina, I feel like I'm on fire!
I would enjoy just by rubbing my thighs against each other.
I wish I could caress myself but they connected my hands to my slave collar and I therefore no longer have access to my privacy.
It is in fact a torture like any other and I feel that, as soon as someone touches me, I will not be able to hold back and let myself be carried away by the wave of enjoyment which will not fail to overwhelm me.

Watching my companions, I realized that I was not the only one to have these reactions because the two men are erect and I noticed that the women are all glistening with cum between the legs.

This is what I wanted, to take pleasure, to enjoy in suffering, to cross successive and violent orgasms by being nailed to my cross.

But we are not there yet, the flogging will begin and will be followed by a night of imprisonment during which we will have little time out because we will be at the disposal of the guards and the crowd who can torment us and rape us as they please!

They consider it a torture but, for me, it would rather be an enormous pleasure, a springboard towards extreme enjoyment on the cross.

The first lashes will soon reach me and I am concentrating! I wait impatiently for them, I want to feel them tearing my skin apart!

My masochism will be satisfied, the executioner will start his work.



So here I am attached to my torture station waiting for the start of my first real flogging!
I am terribly excited and happy that the realization of my fantasy and the expiation of my past faults will begin.

On my left, there is Bjorn and, despite the permanent erection of his cock due to the injection, he seems to be there by accident, not to be in his place!
I should not have dragged him with me to this deadly torture but he wanted to accompany me so much that I could not prevent him from following me to the end, until death.

Right, it's the opposite, like me, Kathy exudes happiness!
She really seems to have waited for this moment all her existence!
I have the impression that she would already like to be nailed naked to her cross tomorrow.

Aaargh !!!

The first lash just pinged my back!
The pain is overwhelming and I can't help screaming!
But, no question of letting me catch my breath, the blows are linked now, dry, precise, painful!
I try to think of the people I have whipped myself and this allows me to better withstand these blows that mark my shoulders, back, buttocks and thighs.

I feel my pussy run between my thighs, a terrible excitement invades me while my executioner finishes the first part of my ordeal before turning around and resuming on my breasts, my sale and my pubis.

This time, I can not resist and let myself be carried away by an intense enjoyment.

My cries have changed and a burning orgasm runs through me!

I fail, I pass out!

A bucket of ice water brings me back to reality and I see that it is finished, that I have just passed my first test.

My body is well marked and my legs refuse to carry me, I am hung by the wrists and try to recover in order to remain dignified and to be able to face standing the continuation of the events.

Basically, I do not suffer too much despite the violence of the blows I received, I hope that the result will still give me many orgasms and that I will die enjoying it!

The realization of my fantasy is on the way and I am very happy.



So here we are all eight on the way to the realization of our fantasy!

No more reversal possible, the judgment has been pronounced and will be executed until the end!
Even if one of us begged to stop, he would not be heard.
We have signed and we will have to persist.

There are a lot of people to see us being whipped, it should not be every day that eight people will be tortured and executed together.

Death, blood and sex definitely attract huge crowds!

Attached to my post, I can see Kathy and Karine on my left and, on my right, Beate and Starbuckslut !

What an honor to be in the midst of such beautiful creatures!

I know that the injection I was given causes me a famous erection but I have the impression that even without that, my cock would stand up just by looking at my splendid neighbors who seem as excited as me .

But here is the first lash that painfully falls on my shoulders and my back!

The pain is terrible, scathing!

And it continues, the whole back of my body is really plowed by the executioner who gives his all in order to give me the maximum suffering!

I don't understand how I stayed conscious, the pain is so hellish!

Returned, my erect cock becomes the favorite target of the sadist who takes enormous pleasure in slaughtering me!
I grit my teeth but cannot hold back inhuman cries especially when my testicles are affected.
The torture stops just before I pass out, it's unbelievable that I held on.

Despite my state of weakness, I try to see how my neighbors are doing and in particular my Karine who is screaming so that it does not stop!
She seems to be plagued, to have managed to overcome the pain and to enjoy losing breath.
I am sure she will die happy, suffering is her domain.

We are not left exposed for very long and we are off to prison with our wrists connected to our necklace.

In the courtyard, we are allowed to drink before chaining ourselves seated, exhausted.

Our relative rest will not last because the guards are now allowed to sexually take advantage of us as they please!

The night will be very long and I don't think the morning will find us in great shape!

Tomorrow is the big day, our crosses are waiting for us.


Terra Nova Tramp
I feel really happy because the serious things will finally start!
The more time passes and the closer I get to my friend, the more I am happy to finally go find her and especially to be able to undergo the same abuse as her, to end my life the same way as her!
I'm sure she's looking at me and anxiously waiting for me to join her.

It's stronger than me, I like to be naked and I like to be looked at!
Here, I will suffer and maybe even enjoy in front of the fifty people present, it excites me terribly and the drug that I was injected increases the sexual impulses which cross my body and mind.

I know that tomorrow, when I will be nailed to my cross, this feeling will be even more important but each day is enough his pain and I now impatiently wait for my executioner to carry out his task, the faster will be done, the more I will approach this cross which will be my last mistress, my ultimate love.

To be whipped and to enjoy it, I hoped and that's what happens!

The more my executioner lashes my back, the more these very painful blows lead me to an infinite enjoyment!

Each time the whip reaches me, I become electrified and this electric current is transmitted to all areas of my body causing me to go into a second state where everything is just enjoyment!
From cruel that it was at the start, this torture turned into orgasm.

My pussy runs, my breasts are hard and the screams that escape from my throat have become groans of pleasure.

My body is very marked by this avalanche of blows but it is the price to pay for having enjoyed so intensely!

I now wonder that I am lying face down on the ground if my legs will be able to support me because I feel like emptied, without force, each of the movements that I manage to make becomes a superhuman feat!

However, you have to move and continue, you have to go all the way and the bucket of ice water that is thrown on me makes me react!

The path to the prison is short but very painful!

I am now sitting against the wall of the prison courtyard, tied by my collar, I am trying to recover but I know that I will not be given the time because already guards come to take us, Starbuckslut and me, so they can let off steam sexually on us.

The night is likely to be very long



This is it. I am tied up in the ropes and next to me are my friends. They are also flagellated. The first two have already been whipped with the hard blows. Their chest and back have been whipped and the leather has dug itself heavily into their skin.
I try to concentrate, what is about to happen to me when they . . . .


The whip hits me in the back completely unprepared. A blow that I can barely take. It has torn my skin without a problem and cuts into my back. The tearing from my back is yet another additional torture. I did not realize that it would be so painful, but to give up because of that? NO!
I have gone so far with my friends, I will go on with them until ... .


The second stroke rips me out of the here and now. I'm not with my friends anymore. Now I'm completely focused on myself. I try to expect every blow, but they come over me and tear shreds of my skin out of me.
I think, as they hit, the henchmen tear half of my shoulder and muscles out of me, only at the 11th stroke I see that these are only small shreds that stick to the whip.
But the pain is hellish and I had not thought that it would be so hard.

After halfway they turn me around and tie me into the ropes. Now it's my chest. That will be especially hard for me. I was so proud of my bosom, the cute little tits I have with so much care and love . . . . .


I didn't see it coming, I was too busy with myself. Now it's blow after blow and my tits are bouncing all over the place. Deep wounds appear on my soft skin and the blows just keep coming.

I try to absorb them, but slowly my strength dwindles. At some point it is as if I had touched an electric cable with my bare hand. The blow came brutally and with an accuracy I could not imagine. Then my senses dwindle and the helplessness is merciful to me. The icy cold water pulls me back into the sea of suffering. I still get the last two blows. There it is finally over.

With trembling legs and a trembling body the guards drag me on from the flogging station.
A few meters further on they rinse the blood and secretion from my body and the first slaves treat my wounds, just so that I do not bleed too much.
Now they drive us down into the villa, back into the rooms, which suddenly seems to me like our little bunker.

Here the slaves lay me on a cloth and anoint my wounds. I don't really understand what the doctor is doing here, only when I get another injection I think that it is only meant to strengthen me.
After a few hours we are all back again. None of us failed today. We all passed the test and we are happy. Our anointed bodies are longing for the hug of friends and even though I know that it will hurt incredibly, I hug the two girls next to me. My eyes are watering, I don't even recognize them properly, only when Francis stands in front of me and I recognize his mighty cock in front of me I know that he is also back.

Incredible things happen that night. Our bodies and our minds are united and we sleep together. It is an indecent heroic act. Each and everyone is literally doing it with his neighbor and I also come for my fun.

It is only in the early morning that I ride Francis really full of feelings and endless expectation. Out of me run the juices, my juices run the blood and sperm of others and I feel like in another world.

This will be the last night that I will have sex, it slowly dawns on me and I grab Francis and Kathy and do it in a frenzy. Shaken from one orgasm to the next we all join in this dance of absolute horniness.

When we finally leave each other exhausted, I don't even notice anymore. My powerless body simply slides on the slabs of the marble floor and colours it red and white.

All I notice is that somebody is coming on to me and eating me alive. Hammering he screams his lust into me and finally comes in a powerful orgasm. My senses are dwindling.

In a few hours it will start, is the last thing I notice, then my eyes close and I fall into a restless sleep.

The sleep of my last night off. Tomorrow is the day, we will die on the cross . . . . .



Definitely, this injection drives me crazy!

I'm tied up, ready to be whipped and my pussy is on fire!
I have the impression that my intimate lips and my clitoris have doubled in size!
I would like to touch myself, caress me but my tied arms do not allow it.
I hope that when I will be nailed to my cross, many people will come to bother me because, without that, I think I will go crazy.

Now I have to stay focused because the whip will soon start streaking my back, I know that the first shots will be very painful but in the state of excitement in which I find myself, I do not think it will take whip me for a long time so that the click comes which will transform this pain into enjoyment.

Indeed, it starts very painfully, the executioner spares no effort to streak my back and looks for the places where his shots will hurt me the most!

In doing so, he sends me a blow from the bottom up which touches my inner thighs and my pussy that was waiting for that!

This blow causes in me an electric shock which spreads in all my body and, directly, my pussy spurts of cum and I start to insult it, to encourage it to strike harder, to destroy me and I howl the nascent pleasure spreading through me.

Let's go, I am no longer me and I am no longer there, I am now traveling in a parallel world where everything is just pleasure and enjoyment!
This is further accentuated by the fact that he has just turned me over and that my breasts, my belly and all my lower abdomen are now being targeted by his whip!
It destroys me and I love it, each blow increases my enjoyment and, in me, I wish that it never stops but, in a lightning orgasm, I lose consciousness.

When I regain my senses, I fall to the ground!
some of my companions are in a state like mine and some are standing ready to be brought back to prison!

A bucket of ice water and a whip make me get up and off we go to the prison where we are tied by our necklaces to a wall in the courtyard, our wrists still linked to prevent us from touching each other.

I am thirsty and hope to be able to recover for tomorrow, to be in sufficient shape to face my cross.


What could I do well?

Since this injection I have the impression that my intimate lips are swollen, that my clitoris is erect like a small dick and my vagina does not stop itching and running between my thighs!

Unable to touch me, I keep rubbing my thighs one against the other without managing to trigger the storm of orgasm that is smoldering in me! I hope that the lashes that are going to be given to me will free me and allow me to enjoy as it usually happened to me when I was whipped.

From the first blow, the strap marks my back but also reaches my right breast! It is very painful and pleasant at the same time because the tip of my breast practically serves as a switch and triggers a flow of cum between my legs!

The following shots only increase my axcitation and I spread my legs well to show my executioner where I want to be touched!

He understood me and focused his shots on my buttocks and my vulva.

Everything started, I insult my torturer, shouts to him to strike harder and lets myself be carried away by a series of orgasms which are linked to each other.

It is even worse when it is the turn of my face before being targeted!

I arch my back to the maximum to allow the whip to more easily reach my chest and my cocklike clit. I literally liquefy and pass out in a gigantic exstasis.

Revived with ice water, I realize that my neighbors are not better than me, also exhausted but we must continue, this is only the beginning of our ordeal and I must, as a good masochist, to go exceed my limits hoping to enjoy as many times as possible.

Tied in the prison yard, I feel good despite the many wounds left by the whip.

My recovery is short-lived because Kathy and I are the first to be seconded to serve as sex slaves for the guards.

According to the size of the cocks of some, I think that once again I will not be disappointed.
What they will do to me, they call it rape but, for me, it is only one more step towards the cross and I intend to profit as much as possible!

My vagina and anus as well as my mouth are ready to accommodate as many sexes as they want and, moreover, I love the taste of sperm and only want to swallow this hot male semen tastefully.

I smile at Kathy who answers me the same way!

On all fours we are both ready for the assault, we even await it with envy.



I never thought the drug we were inoculated would have such an effect!

The pain during the flogging was present, strong, intense but the excitement took over!

Even me, I enjoyed exceptionally, I was crossed by orgasms that I had never experienced before!

I didn't know I was masochistic to the point of being able to transform pain into pleasure.
I am happy with the fact and, basically, I hope to be able to reach new heights of pleasure before giving up my soul to the devil.

The night was long, the guards gave themselves to heart and, men and women, we all had to undergo their sexual assaults with, I must admit, a certain pleasure.

All that did not allow me to fully recover and it may be very hard!

Being whipped again then this hard and long "via crucis" under a blazing sun before the apotheosis of our crucifixion, I have the impression that the technique of our executioners is to exhaust us to the maximum in order to arrive half dead on our cross and thus pass away more quickly.

We wanted it and will have to undergo our torture until the end!

Here we come to get us moving, we are given a drink and we are given our second injection.

So we are going to set off, it's our last morning on our feet!

Tomorrow morning, if we are still alive, we will be confined to death.
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