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Gods' Edicts Part IV - The Crucifixion of the Duchesses

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What happened to the slave girl? :)
She’s been on the lowered center cross getting a brief reprieve while they nail Leah and Mary. She’ll be going up for her 4th time in the next chapter. She has suffered incredibly and is barely hanging on for dear life. She holds onto (misguided) hope that she somehow might survive this brutal ordeal…

Robert Williams

I can just picture her fighting even harder. Putting on an amazing show. Thinking she will somehow be the one to make it out of this alive. Only to realize at the very end she needlessly endured all this extra pain and discomfort. She could have ended her suffering a long time ago by just giving up and accepting her fate. Was it worth all that torment to eek out a few more hours of life?


I can just picture her fighting even harder. Putting on an amazing show. Thinking she will somehow be the one to make it out of this alive. Only to realize at the very end she needlessly endured all this extra pain and discomfort. She could have ended her suffering a long time ago by just giving up and accepting her fate. Was it worth all that torment to eek out a few more hours of life?
Exactly!!! The greatest show in the world!!!


Chapter 21 – Leah and Mary are Crucified

The crosses were fully adorned. On the right cross, the flogged former Duchess Leah was nailed, her chest rising and falling rapidly, her nipples hard with sensation and pain, staring up at the sky in agony. An executioner was ejaculating on her left breast, to give her a little ornament before she was raised up.

On the center cross, the slave girl Dia had been raised up and brought back down thrice. She had been nailed before her third round on the crosses, and her frail slave’s body had precious little life left in it. She had sucked off the lead executioner and swallowed his semen dutifully in the hopes that she might be shown mercy. He had made her a deal; survive longer than the Duchesses on her left and right, and she would finally be shown mercy. She was sweating as she contemplated death; she was no longer confident that she could outlast them.

On the left cross was Mary, crying out in desperate pain, the most recently nailed, the taste of a fat man’s sweaty cock and jizz still lingering in her parched mouth. The last man to fuck her had ejaculated all over her taut belly, and the thick, juicy semen sat there on her heaving stomach as she writhed in pain. Mary saw the blood pouring from her wrist wounds and swooned. She could not believe this was happening.

Chloe, weeping at her sister and cousin’s nailing and suffering, was escorted over to the wheel that would raise the three crosses. Any fight in her had been tortured out, the executioners could see this and did not even bother binding her wrists.

She was brought over to the wheel, and a naked executioner pressed her against one of the wooden rods that formed spokes around the wheel. “Put your body weight into it.” He said, sticking his hard dick into her. “And remember to watch your sister as it goes up.” He added into her ear, before his licked her sweaty face.

He began to fuck her and she gasped and moaned as she began to obediently turn the wheel. How cruel she cried out in her mind, that they make me raise up my own sister and cousin’s crosses! As she rotated the heavy wheel, slowly and laboriously, she looked up and saw Mary and Leah (and the slave girl in the center) exerting their leg muscles to help them breathe as the crosses rotated up. The looks on their faces as they pressed their body weight against the spikes going through the feet was horrific to see. So much pain and horror and shock.

Chloe gasped and the man fucking her did so harder to spur her on. Mary looked down and saw Chloe and tried to mouth something, but Chloe could not make it out. “I’m sorry!” Chloe shouted and then exclaimed at the vigorous fucking she was receiving.

She turned her attention back down to the wheel. She could not bear to look up and see her sister suffer by her own actions. Staring at the ground, like a godsdamn slave, she took the rough fucking and leaned against the heavy wheel with her voluptuous body, turning it slowly, slowly, slowly…

On the cross, Leah was shaking her head spastically. This cannot be happening she cried out in her mind! She was naked and brutalized and in so much pain. She felt lightheaded and wanted to pass out, but the pain radiating from her nailed wrists and feet and coursing through her entire body were keeping her alert and feeling everything. Her perfect breasts were rising and falling and her hips were rocking back and forth. To her was searing agony, to the crowd it was an erotic dance; the once proud Duchess naked and squirming for them all to behold.

Dia was suffering similarly. She knew what to expect as the cross was raised, but even preparation could not alleviate the terrible pain. She cried out as she pressed against the nails in her feet and breathed. Her tender body was drenched in sweat, and she was shaking with exhaustion with every movement she made.

Mary was taking it the worst. She was writhing and doing the dance of the crucified with the vigor and panic of a fit, young woman who would suffer and survive for hours upon the cross. Many men chose to watch her ample chest shake and jiggle while they jerked off in the crowd. Her expression of pain on her cute face with her expressive eyes gave the more perverse in the crowd the most pleasure to behold.

With the thud, the crosses came to be raised up, fully perpendicular to the stage. The three girls cried out in agony as their full body weight was brought to bear on their impaled limbs. Chloe looked up in horror, realizing that it was done, and seeing her cousin, and especially, her sister crucified broke her heart. She lost all hope and will to live in that moment.


Chapter 22 – The Dance of the Crucified

Mary, Dia the slave girl, and Leah were crucified. While they suffered, Chloe was to be a special offering unto the loyal people of the realm.

The lead executioner raised his hands to quite the crowd and made an announcement that any that wished could come and fuck Chloe, any way they wanted, until the three on the cross had perished. Chloe’s hands were tied at the wrist, and her hands were raised above her head, and her hips pulled back, so she was standing with her legs perpendicular to the stage, and her back parallel to it. This way she could be easily fucked or also have her head pressed down to suck a man’s cock.

While Chloe was getting fucked by commoners, the slave girl who had been cleaning cocks with her mouth got a break. Sort of. She instead got to give blowjobs to the guards and executioners who either had not gotten to fuck one of the condemned yet, or simply those who had vigor still and wanted to finish again.

With the debauchery on stage playing out in a methodical and orderly fashion, the suffering on the crosses was in full effect.

Dia was breathing like a marathon runner, with intention and purpose. She was trying desperately to make ever move efficient and get her as much air as possible. Even though every single movement hurt. She felt sweat drip into her eyes, it stung painfully, and she tried not to instinctively cry out and waste air. She was striving and wriggling with every ounce of her being. She wanted desperately to live. Even as a slave. She just wanted to be alive.

Leah was squirming and crying out loudly. She knew, unlike the slave Dia, that they were doomed, and that the rest of her short life would be nothing but pain and agony and humiliation. She tried to sink down and just let herself hang, but her body cried out for oxygen, so she would lift up, which hurt terribly, and gulp down some air, and then hang back down. She felt the cum on her left breast dripping down slowly, so it hung from her perfectly round nipple like a long drip of sap from a tree. She would have blushed if her body was not in shock from blood loss and trauma.

Mary was making sounds similar to when she had been being fucked, but more panicked and pained. She was moving vigorously, desperately trying to find some magical, nonexistent position of alleviated pain on the cross. She was like an animal, beyond reason or logic, simply trying to make the pain stop. Her jiggling body was putting on amazing show for the crowd.

Mary looked over at her companions in execution. She looked beyond the slave girl, did not care about her, and looked upon her cousin. Her lip trembled as she saw how brutally flogged beautiful cousin Leah had been. She felt a pang of relief, and subsequent guilt, that she was glad it was Leah and not her who had been flogged. But then a horrific and dark thought entered Mary’s mind; maybe Leah will die quicker from that grievous torture. Maybe she will spend less time nailed to this horrific cross. Maybe she should be jealous of Leah? Mary’s mind broke at the horrific implications of this, and she squirmed even harder and more desperately against her impaled limbs.

The crowd was besides themselves. This was an amazing show. Men were eagerly fucking Chloe while also watching the women on the crosses in the most pain and humiliation of their lives. Princess Marina blushed as she took in the deadly scene. How amazing, how fascinating, how cruel and well planned out, this was the majesty of crucifixion. She felt elated and powerful in that moment. She reached down and laid her hand gently on the shoulder of her sister, Queen Lucie, and noticed that the Queen’s massive breasts were rising and falling slightly faster than normal.

Queen Lucie looked up, the slightest hint of a flush in her cheeks, and said “well done, little sister.” Princess Marina smiled, and held back tears of joy.


Chapter 23 – Doom

After four and a half hours of brutal suffering, Leah was nearing death’s door. Her breath shuddered and her body convulsed and her vision began to blur. She realized she was dying and her final thoughts were I just want the pain to stop. I just want the pain to stop. I just want the pain to stop. She passed out from blood loss and hypoxia and died a few minutes later.

As her body went still, the crowd roared, for many had been betting on whether Mary, Leah, or the “super-slave” as she had become known to the crowd, would die first. Some won coins, some lost coins, but everyone enjoyed watching Duchess Leah die painfully and slowly.

As sundown neared, those in the crowd faced a conundrum; go home and rest but risk missing Mary or the Super-Slave suffer? Or stay for the show and enjoy themselves. The Queen made this decision easy.

“Give the people bread and wine, and fish and cheese. Let them have merriment as they watch the fate of traitors to the realm.” She ordered.

So, as night fell, and Mary and Dia suffered naked on the crosses, commoners continued to form a massive queue to fuck Chloe, who was nearly passing out from exhaustion. Many torches and some bonfires were lit, so as to make sure that the condemned girls’ nudity was properly illuminated and on full display.

The crowd reveled and ate and drank and pleasured themselves and watched lustfully at the display of carnal carnage, and the entire realm was united in one thing; newfound loyalty and respect for Queen Lucie of Avondaläe.

Mary lasted the entire night, writhing and moaning upon the cross. To everyone’s surprise, especially the lead executioner’s, so did slave girl Dia. As the run rose upon Leah’s cold, nailed corpse, and Mary and Dia’s strained bodies, the more senior executioners saw that neither had much time left. Mary had struggled too vigorously and fought the pain too desperately. Her body had become tired out. Dia, on the other hand, had done tremendously. But her time was simply up. She had far exceeded her doomed lifespan, and it was time for her suffering to finally end in death.

Dia looked over at the dead body of Leah, and her fractured and tortured mind said good, that’s one dead, and I am alive. She turned her head painfully to look at Mary, and saw the girl’s ample breasts jiggling with breath and strain, and her mind said bad, that one still lives.

Her thoughts had become basic and primal, she was an animal trying against all odds to survive now. Dia looked down at her naked body and saw how skinny and frail she was. How her pink nipples were fully bared for the crowd, and her tight womanhood, now bereft of virginity, was completely uncovered. She felt shame, and humiliation, and degraded like never before.

She shuddered, and felt her chest tighten. She needed air. She groaned as she went to press painfully against the spike that was impaling her feet, the pain was immeasurable, but also so was the strain in her legs. She could not come up for air. She began to panic, and flexed every muscle in her exhausted arms, trying to pull herself up by the spikes in her wrists. This rose her up, slightly, but not enough to open her lungs and allow for air to come in. She sank back down and began to panic.

She swung her body weight left and right, which accomplished nothing, save increase the pain her impaled limbs immeasurably. She looked around, pleading for help with her eyes, but everyone was partying and reveling, or staring back at her and cheering on her death.

Her final thoughts were why did they do this to me? What did I ever do so wrong to deserve this?

Slave girl Dia died with a pitiful whimper, and then went still.

The crowd roared in applause and shouts of awe. Many had won big betting on the “Super-Slave”, but others had put their money on young Mary, and they were now cashing in. It was a tremendously entertaining venture for the crowd.

With Mary the last living person on the crosses, all eyes were on her. She was so humiliated and in so much pain. She looked down and saw her sister, Chloe. Beautiful Chloe. Now naked and caked in sweat and semen, having been fucked by commoners throughout the entire night. She had endured hundreds of men at this point, and was shaking and shuddering in pain and degradation.

Mary felt such sadness for her sister. She remembered how Chloe had comforted her as she had been nailed and she wished she could do the same for Chloe when they crucified her. But she was so weak now. She was so thirsty. Mary felt her chest tighten and resolved not to come up for air. It was time for it all to end, she thought.

She held herself there, letting her weight rest on the spike in her feet and on the spikes in her wrist. She looked down at her plump breasts and pale skin. She was so ashamed of her naked body. She wished she was beautiful like Chloe. She felt ashamed that Chloe’s beautiful, amazing body was also on display for these fiends to fuck and leer at.

Mary felt the primal part of her mind protest. Air. She needed air. She finally gave in, and bit her lip seductively as she pushed with her supple legs and round ass muscles to bring herself up for some air. Her back arched and her breasts bounced on her taut chest. She gasped and fell back down before getting the full breath in. Her muscles were done. She quickly tightened every muscle to come back up, but she was utterly spent. Her muscles just twitched and shook painfully.

Her final thoughts were I do not want to die, please, please do not let this be the end.

As Mary’s body became still on the cross, the crowd cheered in delight. Chloe looked up from the stage, raising her head painfully, and saw Mary’s naked body, still and lifeless. She shuddered and felt her heart break.

But she still had her own suffering to do.


Chapter 24 – Chloe is Punished

Chloe was raised up to her feet and escorted over to the base of the crosses. She looked up upon the dead, ignoring the slave girl and looking with sadness and grief upon her cousin and her little sister. She was marched over to her sister’s cross and tied to the base of the cross, with her plump breasts squeezed up against the wood of the cross and her back to the crowd.

The lead executioner had his whip again, and he wanted to give the sexiest of the condemned a couple of good lashes before she was crucified. Underneath her own sister’s nailed corpse, he whipped her nearly a hundred times. She screamed for the first dozen or so lashes, but her voice was so parched and her pain so overwhelming, that she took the rest silently, with just a violent shudder of her body each time.

Once the lead executioner had had his fill, he had the mixture of salt water and vinegar dumped onto her back. This made her shriek in pain, and then she was brought before him on her knees. Her hands were no longer bound, but he knew she had no strength nor will left in her to resist.

He gave her the same command he gave Leah after flogging her, to suck him off or suffer more lashes. She gave him the best blowjob of his life. At one point she even wrapped her voluptuous tits around his cock and stroked her chest up and down.

In her mind, she would give him no reason to prolong her suffering. Now that Mary and Leah were dead, she had no reason to live anymore.

He exploded jizz in her mouth and she swallowed it all.

“Crucify me.” She begged him in a breathless whisper.

“Very well.” He said with a grin.


Chapter 25 – Chloe is Nailed

Strong men gripped Chloe by either of her biceps and walked over to the wheel to lower the crosses. She would lower them so that she could then be nailed and raised up. She breathed raggedly with exhaustion as she pushed the wheel laboriously in a circle. As the crosses came down, she resolved not to look upon her sister’s nailed body anymore; she did not want to remember her like this, she wanted to remember her exuberant and loving beautiful sister. Not the poor naked wretch nailed to wood.

That is about to me she thought. Her mind reeled at her impending death.

As the crosses were lowered, the lead executioner, wiping some sweat from his brow, approached the Queen and Princess Marina respectfully. “Your Highnesses, would you like this final traitor to be her own spectacle, or would you like slaves to flank her on the cross?”

Princess Marina, feeling confident for one of the first times in her life, answered immediately. “Put some slaves up too. The more spectacle for the crowd, the better.”

“Absolutely, your Highness.” He bowed and went to do his diligent work.

Once the crosses were lowered, executioners came and laboriously removed the nails from the dead and removed their bodies from the stage. Chloe sank against the wooden wheel in exhaustion. She was picked up roughly by the arms and walked over to the center cross.

Even in her exhausted and traumatized state, her body gave her some adrenaline at the looming cross and she quivered and strained against the men holding her, but it was all in vain. They laid her on the cross and tied her down at the wrist, stretching her arms from side to side across the crossbeam. Her chest ached at the tight stretch and her breasts bounced on her taut chest.

She breathed a sigh of relief, though. To be tied instead of nailed was a mercy. She had no idea she was simply to nailed last to ensure maximum suffering on the cross. As the other work was done on the crosses to her right and left, men took turns giving Chloe her final fuckings. She still could not help but moan as the men thrust into her. A couple of men straddled her abdomen while she was fucked and fucked her tits. They were sexy and soft and massive, and the men were almost sorry to be putting her up on the cross for good soon.

While that was going on, a slave girl was brought up to take the cross on Chloe’s left. She was a curvaceous slave girl with large, full tits and big, oval areolas. Her platinum blond hair reached down to just above her shoulders. She began to hyperventilate as she was stripped and marched onto the stage. She was fucked a couple of times from behind, while she was on her hands and knees, so her breasts could smack together for the crowd. Her virginity taken, she was then taken to the left cross and nailed to it.

She screamed with each hammer strike. Once she was nailed, the executioners went over to the petite slave girl who had been cleaning cocks with her mouth, since the day before. She was exhausted and scared, and mortified at the horrors she had witnessed during the lengthy execution. She would not last long on the cross.

When she was untied from her position, she sighed in relief, thinking her humiliation was over. But then she was made to get on her hands and knees over Chloe, so that her breasts rested on Chloe’s face while the both of them were fucked. She wondered in desperation why they were taking her precious virginity and doing so while intertwined embarrassingly with this traitor strapped to a cross.

Overwhelmed by the rough fucking, the petite slave girl shamefully rested her face on Chloe’s massive, soft breasts, and let her head rest there while she was fucked. She realized she might be smothering the traitor with her own, perky chest, but she was too embarrassed and overwhelmed to care.

Once she had been fucked a half a dozen times, they lifted her up by her hair and walked her over to her cross. She balked in confusion. I am just the cock cleaning girl she thought, why are they brining me to a cross? She had no idea that in accordance with the Gods’ Edicts, all slaves who participate in an execution must also be executed.

She was laid down on the cross and her thin limbs were outstretched. She began to panic. She saw them grab the nails and saw a naked man with a big hammer. She spoke, for the first time in days. “No! Please! Did I do something wrong?”

“No.” The man said with a chuckle as he placed a massive nail over her supple left wrist. “Ready for this, slave?” He asked her with a grin.

She shook her head desperately, imploring him for mercy with her big, beautiful eyes.

He slammed the hammer down and her world exploded in pain.

Once the cock-cleaning slave girl was nailed (she continued screaming long after the nailing stopped), Chloe was next.

Exhausted from her final fuckings, she lay on the cross and tried to rest her head against the wood. She knew the rest of her short life was about to be horrific and agonizing and painful.

Her right wrist was nailed first. It hurt so much more than she could have imagined. As the spike was driven through her wrist, in between the bones, she shrieked so loud that tasted blood in her throat after. She swooned and willed herself to pass out, but she did not. And with every hammer strike she felt every painful sensation and her nipples inexplicably hardened at the extreme pain.

Once both of her wrists were nailed, they laid her feet atop one another next, and placed a spike above them. She realized that this spike would be going through bones, and she realized this one would hurt the most. She braced, but it did no good. If anything, tensing up before the first strike made the pain even worse.

She saw stars and screamed out as the hammer sent the nail careening through the small, sensitive bones of her feet. After seven more diligent hammer strikes, Chloe, former Duchess of the realm, was nailed to the cross to die horribly as a traitor.


Chapter 26 – Chloe is Crucified

Chloe was given one final humiliation before the degradation and suffering of the cross. The men realized that her voluptuous breasts were large enough that she could absolutely suck her own nipples. Wanting to witness this, two men who had performed exceptionally during the execution were given the honor of giving Chloe her final gift. They both ejaculated on her soft nipples, their thick semen cascading down her sloping breasts.

Chloe’s head was raised up like she was going to drink from a cup, but instead, with the other hand, they raised her boob to her mouth and made her suck the cum off of her own breast. She did this with both of her tits, obediently. Even though it degraded and humiliated her, she just wanted it all to be over.

The men cheered as she swallowed the last of the cum and sucked her nipple to make sure she got it all.

Now it was time to raise the crosses for the final time in this glorious execution. The lead executioner, his noble work nearly completed, did the final honor. He walked over and turned the wheel with ease. However, he went nice and slowly, to make sure that the three girls on the cross slowly and agonizingly got exposed to the horror.

Chloe, as well as the two slave girls, were writhing and squirming and crying out in pain as the crosses slowly rotated up. They could not believe the pain that was shooting through their bodies as more and more of their weight came to be borne by the spikes impaling their tender limbs. Their backs arched, making their breasts bounce, as they strove painfully against the nails to try to find some impossible position of reprieve.

Chloe put on an exceptional show. She moaned and jiggled and was grinding up and down painfully as she breathed laboriously. Her sexy hips rocked back and forth as she used already exhausted muscles to come up for air. And the whole time, her exceptional breasts jiggled and wiggles and bounced. The crowd was amazed, and was so glad that they had stayed and reveled throughout the night and remained to see the final traitor crucified.

The slave girls, their malnourished bodies in shock at the pain and blood loss, both died before Chloe. The curvy one died after about six hours, and two hours after that the petite cock-cleaner perished.

Chloe suffered all day, for hours upon agonizing hours. As sundown was nearing, she finally felt like the end was approaching. She looked down and saw the Queen and her sister, the Princess, looking up at her, apathetic and steadfast. She cursed them in her mind. How could they condemn her, and her innocent sister, and her blameless cousin, so such a horrible death? How!? Why!?

Chloe looked down upon her naked body, which the entire populace of the realm had now seen from every angle. She thought of all of the sexual degradation she had been subjected to, and how they all enjoyed it! Her final thoughts were shame, pain, and deep, deep sadness.

Chloe sank down with a pained sigh, and never came up again. She was dead.

The lead executioner came and bowed before the Queen and Princess Marina.

“The sentence of death by crucifixion, in accordance with the Gods’ Edicts, has been carried out, your Highnesses.”

“Thank you, lead executioner.” Princess Marina said sincerely.

“You have done commendably.” Queen Lucie said softly.

“Thank you.” The lead executioner said. He was eager to go home and fuck some of his personal slave girls before getting some well-earned sleep.

Princess Marina looked upon the dead girls on the crosses. She turned to her sister, the Queen. “I recommend we leave their bodies up for at least three days, to remind all what the fate of traitors is.”

“Let it be done.” Queen Lucie ordered with a nod of her head.

Princess Marina looked back up on the cross and swallowed as she saw the agonized expressions on the faces of the dead. What a horrible fate to suffer. She had no idea what she would do if she, or someone she cared about, were sentenced to such a terrible fate. The future held a terrible surprise for her.



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